As a Family and a Family Business

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When you work with family, business is personal.
How can you keep differences from being divisive?

Principles of Boundaries

Through real-life case studies, In the Company of Family reveals the Principles of Boundaries, which help families in business navigate challenges such as these:

Sibling relationships are severed when they disagree about ownership. How can they overcome irreconcilable differences?

A talented family member does not meet the company’s criteria for promotion. Should a capable family member be passed over or should the rules be bent?

A father feels guilty that non-family executives are better suited to run the business than his children. Which is more important, family or skill?

A successor feels disrespected when his father treats him like a child in front of employees. How can he get his father to treat him with more respect?

A CEO is diagnosed with dementia. How can the family honor his dignity without compromising the business?

A family member's substance abuse tarnishes the law firm’s image. Is it right to fire her?

In the Company of Family will teach you how to enhance three priorities not easy to balance:

● Family relationships
● Individual well-being
● Business vitality

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James Grubman, PhD

"In the Company of Family addresses an important element in the complex lives of families in business. It highlights the overlapping roles and boundaries that can easily trip up those who work with family members. Through well-chosen anecdotes and an approachable style, Melissa Mitchell-Blitch shows us where boundary problems naturally occur and how to resolve them with grace, clarity, and respect. If you work with the ones you love, this will be a valuable resource."

Family wealth consultant and author of Strangers in Paradise: How Families Adapt to Wealth Across Generations

John "John A" Warnick

"Many within the worlds of family enterprise and intergenerational legacies acknowledge the importance of boundaries. Few really understand the roots of boundaries or the art of nurturing healthy boundaries. Melissa Mitchell-Blitch shares in a concise, easily understood way, how to build, repair and maintain boundaries. This book is sure to be shared widely and frequently as families and family enterprises work, serve and share together."

Founder of the Purposeful Planning Institute

Dean R. Fowler, Ph.D.

"Family and business dynamics are complex for families in business. Through the careful use of case studies, Melissa Mitchell-Blitch, explores the power forces of family relationships. Her approach is practical, with questions for families to discuss, a thorough assessment for families to complete, and most importantly, specific actions that families may take together so that both their family and business thrive. Read this book and transform your family."

President of Dean Fowler Consulting, LLC and author of several publications including Love, Power and Money and Proactive Family Business Successors

Learning the beauty of setting and appreciating boundaries ignited a metamorphosis of growth and maturation in me. The knowledge empowered me to think and feel differently, to have a healthy “yes” and a healthy “no.” It positively affected my relationship with self and others and helped me be a peacemaker, creating harmony. Setting boundaries will help you be the best version of yourself.


Boundaries can easily be blurred when working in a family business. Melissa provides a simple framework around boundaries that has changed my outlook and actions. I used to think boundaries were selfish, but now I know they are critical in creating thriving relationships and a balanced, happy life. I only wish I'd discovered these tools earlier. I highly recommend Melissa's body of work!


Melissa has demonstrated a unique talent in guiding us through the principles of boundaries in our personal and business lives on our family farm. I continue to learn each time I engage in boundary management. I encourage you to let Melissa help you learn how to live a FULL life by applying boundary skills.

— DON S.

Melissa Mitchell-Blitch

Melissa Mitchell-Blitch left a career in finance to study psychology and learn how to help families navigate the challenges of business and wealth. She has nearly two decades of experience helping individuals, families, and businesses enhance their relational health and business performance.

Author, Consultant, Speaker

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